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Sally Cooks

Learn To Cook & Bake With Sally

Sally Cooks

Hey there, I’m Sally and welcome to my blog, Sally Cooks, where I do just that. I’m a busy mom with three hungry kids, who loves to cook and bake. Not content with that, I also love to create and adapt new recipes and share my passion for food. 

I’m originally from North Carolina, and you’ll be able to get a little of that North-East Coast flavor from my recipes. Like most people, I was taught to cook and bake by mom and grandma. I think that is a big part of what I love about cooking. Sharing recipes and passing them down through generations.

I’ve tried to package my blog, so it’s easy to navigate and find all the help you need. You’ll find sections for all my recipes neatly bundled up for you to browse. Choose pages devoted to beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey, cooking with chocolate, puddings, baking cakes, soups, salads, appetizers, and more.

sally cooks

Superfood Ingredients

While I’m no dietician, but I like to watch the calories and make sure my family eat wells. That means I bring you family-friendly meals with often hidden vegetables at a reasonable cost. I also write informative rather than science-heavy blogs, about great super-healthy ingredients, we should be eating more of for good heart, brain, and immune health. 

It’s all very well learning about superfoods, but how do you incorporate these foods into your diet? I love to write blogs about superfood ingredients such as seeds, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables. And then create fun recipes that even the kids will love.

sally cooks

Learn How To Cook And Bake

Not sure how to cook? Well, this isn’t just a recipe packed blog. You’ll also find tons of posts about how to cook. Enjoy reading about how to make your own fresh pasta. Or learn the tips and tricks to filleting meat and fish. 

Cakes and chocolate are some of my favorite things, and there are tons of cake decorating lessons in my blogs. Ever wonder how they create those fancy designs with such ease? Well, there are very simple ways of creating stars, swirls, feathering and dusting – so you’ll love showing off your creations at the next cake and bake.

sally cooks

Favorite Recipes From My Blog

White chocolate cheesecake

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Whether it’s for dessert after dinner or to share with your family after Sunday brunch, here’s the preparation for a white chocolate cheesecake.

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Carolina Chocolate Sheet Cake

If you love chocolate, I’ve got a classic southern recipe for you that’s perfect to serve a crowd.   This rectangular, frosted chocolate cake is often called a Texas Sheet Cake

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Smores Brownie Pie

My Smores Brownie Pie, is made up of a graham cracker crust, a brownie layer topped with Hershey’s chocolate bars and finally a marshmallow layer.

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Easy Pumpkin Pecan Cake

 Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I’ve been trying out some recipes in advance to see what will make the cut for our holiday feasting.

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Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a classic Easter dessert and also happens to be my favorite cake. My secret ingredient is mandarin oranges, straight out of the

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Best Gadgets And Equipment

Now you don’t need much to cook and bake but a few essentials sure do help!

In my Sally Cooks blogs, I try out the best kitchen gadgets which are new on the market. Such as garlic mincers – that actually mince. Can openers, that open cans without breaking. And new fun gadgets such as automatic bread makers with the very latest technology, pasta makers, and all the best kitchen essentials including mixers, blenders, scales, knives and more. 

If there’s a new juicer or blender claiming to get you every last drop, I want to try it out. Along with coffee machines, pots and pans, and much more. I look at the best, that’s worth your money, so you don’t have to.