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Air Fryer Vegetarian Recipes

Food that is delicious and nutritious!

No matter how healthy we may strive to be, chocolate is something we all find difficult to resist. But who says it has to be unhealthy? Cooking with chocolate can not only be fun and delicious, but you can still stay well within your calorie count.

Chocolate And Pizza -The Two major Food Groups!

The right type of chocolate can not only lower blood pressure but can also improve the health of your heart. We aren’t talking about the normal chocolate that is filled with artificial ingredients and loads of sugar – we mean the darker kind. In fact, in the case of chocolate, the darker the better! Anything starting at 70% and above is excellent for you. Melt it and add it to your icing or a gluten-free cake, dip some strawberries in it or make a comforting cup of cocoa. Dark chocolate is the way to go.

Pizza made in an air fryer is about to revolutionise the way you view pizza and, to top it all off, it tastes as good as the real deal – but with fewer calories! The best tip we can give you is to make your pizza in the air fryer. That’s right – roll your choice of dough to the approximate size of your air fryer, and then place all your ingredients on it – basil, mozzarella, artichokes – it’s only left to your imagination.

Veggies Can Be Fun

Air fryer vegetarian recipes are growing in popularity and abundance. From pizza to baked dishes to crunchy sides, there really is so much you can do with your air fryer. The best part? You get all the flavour and nutrition from your veggies, without having to fry or bake them – it’s quick, easy, convenient and tasty.