Easy Pumpkin Pecan Cake for Thanksgiving

   Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I’ve been trying out some recipes in advance to see what will make the cut for our holiday feasting.  I made a few versions of this cake this week and this one is the winner!  It’s super easy,  with a lovely pumpkin pie layer on the bottom and a cake layer on top with pecans for some texture.  It … Continue reading Easy Pumpkin Pecan Cake for Thanksgiving

Carolina Chocolate Sheet Cake with Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

If you love chocolate, I’ve got a classic southern recipe for you that’s perfect to serve a crowd.   This rectangular, frosted chocolate cake is often called a Texas Sheet Cake because it’s as big as Texas but since this is my blog, today I’m christening my version the Carolina Chocolate Sheet Cake.  State pride aside, you can call it what you will, in terms of taste, this cake is hard to beat. … Continue reading Carolina Chocolate Sheet Cake with Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

Peachy Lemon Dessert Pots

When the warm weather hits I tend to favor lighter desserts starring fruits like peaches and berries.  This recipe, somewhat of a soufflé, is the perfect example of an easily put together dessert that is delicious and not too heavy for a hot night.  (Just forget that the recipe calls for a stick of butter!) You could replace the peach preserves with whatever kind of preserves you … Continue reading Peachy Lemon Dessert Pots

Simple Strawberry Angel Food Cake Trifle

This weekend we had my sisters, their boyfriends and their dogs over for a cookout on the back porch.  I think everyone, especially our puppies, pictured above with my sister, had a great night.  Red and Bengal barely moved at all on Sunday because they were so exhausted from the previous night’s excitement.  When we have company for dinner I prefer to do as much cooking as … Continue reading Simple Strawberry Angel Food Cake Trifle

Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Here’s your excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast in the form of my Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake. This dense cake pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or you can serve as dessert.  You can make this in a loaf pan like I did or a more traditionally shaped coffee cake pan.  If you like nuts, chop up some pecans or walnuts and mix … Continue reading Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

A Blue Coconut Birthday Cake for the BOYS in my life!

This weekend we’re celebrating Joe’s birthday and we both got the best present ever on Friday at the doctor’s office when we learned that we’re having a BOY! I was convinced it was a girl because both of our families are full of girls but I’m thrilled!  Having a son is going to be a whole new world and I’m happy to remain the only woman in … Continue reading A Blue Coconut Birthday Cake for the BOYS in my life!

Carrot Cake Cheesecake

My husband’s favorite desserts are cheesecake and carrot cake so I decided to combine the two in a carrot cake cheesecake.  Instead of complicating things too much I baked both cakes, one on top of the other in one pan and it was delicious, the best of both worlds! The combination of cheesecake and carrot cake makes sense as carrot cake is traditionally frosted with a … Continue reading Carrot Cake Cheesecake

Lemon Poppy Seed Bread with Lemon Glaze

 I christened my new kitchen with this lovely lemon poppyseed bread.  I think it is a stretch to call something like this bread instead of cake but I made it in a loaf pan so bread it is! This recipe was easy to mix together and yielded buttery, lemony results.  You could top the bread with more of an icing if you like (think Starbucks loaf breads) or … Continue reading Lemon Poppy Seed Bread with Lemon Glaze

Chocolate Pear Loaf Cake

This loaf cake, loaded with pears, cinnamon and chocolate is my homage to the final lyric of the Twelve Days of Christmas: “And a Partridge in a Pear Tree.”  It is a dense loaf cake, perfect for Christmas time gifting or enjoying yourself.  The inspiration was this cake in Better Homes and Gardens.  After I saw this picture of the sliced loaf I knew I had to … Continue reading Chocolate Pear Loaf Cake