Spicy Mint Beef

Do you know about the wonders of fish sauce? If you’re new to this essential of Thai cooking, fish sauce is an amber-colored liquid extracted from the fermentation of small saltwater fish with sea salt.  Some sauces contain only fish and salt, others add herbs and spices. Fish sauce that has been only briefly fermented has a pronounced fishy taste, while extended fermentation gives it … Continue reading Spicy Mint Beef

Minty Mango Ginger Kale Smoothie

I’ve found that a smoothie or some green juice is the best way for me to get a good start on the 9 servings of fruits and vegetables we’re supposed to have everyday.  It makes me feel virtuous, gives me a shot of energy and it is just plain refreshing to have a frozen breakfast when the weather is warming up outside. Previously  Fitzy shared … Continue reading Minty Mango Ginger Kale Smoothie