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Grilled Salmon and Peach Summer Salad

The Fresh Market had some really nice salmon yesterday and perfectly ripe peaches arrived this week in my CSA so I decided to combine the two in a lovely summer salad.  The peaches… Continue reading

Easy Weeknight (Lightened Up) Shrimp Po’ Boys

Since I found this recipe for shrimp ceviche at the Durham Cookbook Rodeo this summer it’s been the only way I wanted to make shrimp but the other night I decided it was time… Continue reading

Tabbouleh with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

In this recipe, cherry tomatoes are roasted then allowed to cool before being tossed with cucumber and herbs to make a refreshing side dish (or main) that’s perfect for a hot day.  The tomatoes take… Continue reading

Shrimp Ceviche

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Read Local Book Festival Cookbook Rodeo with my mom and sisters.  It was a great event where you could meet local cookbook authors, taste their recipes and… Continue reading

Four-Spice Cod with Sauteed Kale

For this recipe I’m working with a new manufacturer of spices called Spice Society, which is based in Greenville, SC.  The owner, Lisa Conner, has created a line of organic, non-GMO spices that are… Continue reading

Cod with Lemon Herb Butter and Asparagus

For this recipe I steamed the cod inside a folded packet of parchment paper in the oven.  Before I added them to the parchment, I slathered the fish with an herb and lemon butter with flavorful results.… Continue reading

Dukkah Dusted Salmon With Asparagus and Celeriac

This is a simple way to make salmon fillets with a dusting of flavorful dukkah, an Egyptian nut and spice blend. I love the combination of asparagus, celeriac and red onion.      What… Continue reading

Lemon-Roasted Tilapia with New Potatoes, Grape Tomatoes and Zucchini

This is a deliciously light recipe that makes the most of the new potatoes that are popping up in farmers markets this Spring.  This recipe also features Herbes de Provence, a lovely mix of lavender, savory,… Continue reading

Spinach, Asparagus and Walnut Spring Salad

This week, at one of my favorite lunch places, Parker and Otis, I overheard someone saying that one of their resolutions for 2015 was to replace the phrase “I’ve been so busy” with “my… Continue reading

Cranberry Mustard Salmon

I had half a jar of cranberry relish leftover from the holidays and two salmon steaks in the fridge.  A quick search provided this recipe from Epicurious and 20 minutes later, a delicious… Continue reading