What’s the Deal with Beautycounter?

So what’s the deal with Beautycounter?! Maybe you’ve seen me or another friend posting about it on social media, or you caught this story on the Today Show. November marked my third year working with the company so I could go on and on I’ll try to keep it short and focused on a few things I really want you to know.  First, I’m not about making women (or … Continue reading What’s the Deal with Beautycounter?

Classic Gazpacho {in your blender}

My Papa Spuds box came with a recipe kit for the simplest Gazpacho I’ve ever seen and it was delicious! I didn’t take out the seeds of the cucumber or the tomatoes and didn’t add extra tomato juice or canned tomatoes like you’ll see in some recipes.  If you’re looking for something more elaborate, I recommend my Gazpacho with bacon and feta but this is … Continue reading Classic Gazpacho {in your blender}

Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

This is a super simple and delicious recipe that my 4 year old had fun making and eating. I used this recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie as inspiration. She shares ten ideas for fun add-ins to your “nice-cream” that I need to try. It’s best to cut up your ripe bananas before you freeze them so your blender won’t have to work as hard.  I … Continue reading Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

Beef Rice Bowl with Soft Boiled Eggs and Broccoli

This week I’m letting Blue Apron do the meal planning for me (I had a coupon!) and so far they’ve done a good job! This was last night’s dinner: a beef rice bowl with topped with a soft boiled egg and broccoli. I stir-fried the broccoli instead of baking because I didn’t want to heat up the kitchen with the oven. Here’s the recipe from … Continue reading Beef Rice Bowl with Soft Boiled Eggs and Broccoli

4 Tools to Find Safer Products

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about how hard it can be to navigate the green beauty and household product world.  Greenwashing (aka false advertising, claiming something is cleaner or greener than it is) abounds and terms like organic, natural GMO-free can be meaningless in the beauty world.  Here are some tools that I use to cut through the noise and to find products … Continue reading 4 Tools to Find Safer Products

Meal Plan This Week: Some Old Favorites

I went back through some old posts to find some favorite meals for this week. Here’s my plan: Sunday: Super Bowls for Earth Day!(Jan 2015) Monday: Sesame Chicken with Green Beans  (from Feb 2015)Tuesday: Chipotle Glazed Pork (Aug 2015)Wednesday: Sweet and Sour Chicken (Sept 2013)  Thursday: Crockpot Pot Roast (June 2015)Friday: Crock Pot Carnitas (Sept 2014)  Continue reading Meal Plan This Week: Some Old Favorites

Trader Joe’s for a Week of Meals

We went to Trader Joe’s last weekend so instead of meal planning, we picked out some frozen options I could heat up for quick dinners and some good proteins I could build dinners around. Sunday: We bought a two pack of filet mignons, seared them on the stove and popped them into the oven to finish on top of some asparagus (yep, just put the … Continue reading Trader Joe’s for a Week of Meals

Chocolate Chip Granola Snack Cups

My 3 year old loves to be in the kitchen with me and can “read” a recipe when it is broken down into pictures (I discovered this with Blue Apron recipe cards.) I found a kid’s cookbook Cooking Class at the library, with step-by-step pictures and one of the best recipes we’ve tried so far, is “grab and go granola bars” or what I’m calling … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Granola Snack Cups