Asian BBQ {in your Crockpot}

For years I made BBQ pork tenderloin in my slow cooker using this tried and true recipe but I decided to switch things up this week after coming across this recipe from The Food Charlatan.  This is now our absolute favorite way to make slow cooker pork BBQ; it was so so so good! It’s just as easy as my original recipe with a few more ingredients. … Continue reading Asian BBQ {in your Crockpot}

Sesame Chicken with Green Beans {in Your Crockpot}

My most popular recipe by far is Cashew Chicken {in Your Crockpot.}  Its popularity inspired me to create today’s sister recipe for Sesame Chicken.  It’s also simple and delicious, slow cooked for ultimate flavor and tenderness in your crockpot, takeout fakeout at its best! I love that you only need a few drops of sesame oil to bring out that amazing flavor.  I served this over quinoa but you … Continue reading Sesame Chicken with Green Beans {in Your Crockpot}

Most Popular Recipes {2014}

Happy New Year! This has been such a full year and one of so many changes for me.  From moving into our first home, adopting two dogs, and having a baby, 2014 has been truly life changing.  Today I’d like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who visits Sally Cooks.  Thanks for your encouragement and support, your likes, tweets, pins, comments and shares. … Continue reading Most Popular Recipes {2014}

10 Soups to Make this Fall

Here are ten of my most popular soup recipes, all simple and delicious. Happy fall and happy soup cooking! Spicy Buffalo Chicken Soup {in your Crockpot} Beef and Dark Beer Chili Chicken, Greens and Rice Noodle Soup Fire-Roasted Tomato Soup {in your Crockpot} Broccoli Cheddar Soup {in your Crockpot} Loaded Baked Potato Soup {in your Crockpot} Spicy Chipotle Corn Chowder {in your Crockpot} Shrimp and Corn … Continue reading 10 Soups to Make this Fall

Broccoli Cheddar Soup {in your Crockpot}

 This is a delicious, simple soup that is full of broccoli and sharp cheddar cheese.  I decided to puree the soup with my immersion blender before I added the cheese but you could skip this step if you like a chunkier soup.  I added some splashes of sriracha and red pepper flakes for a little heat and diced bacon because bacon makes everything better. What … Continue reading Broccoli Cheddar Soup {in your Crockpot}

Beef Stew {in your Crockpot}

I made this stew on Sunday and have been re-heating and eating for lunch almost everyday.  It was delicious on Sunday but it’s gotten even better after a couple of days in the fridge.  Traditional beef stew recipes usually call for mushroom and potatoes but I left these out as Joe isn’t a big fan and I used a beer to add liquid and flavor.  Serve … Continue reading Beef Stew {in your Crockpot}

Pumpkin Pork Tenderloin {in your Crockpot}

If you’re a food blogger and it’s October you’re obligated to post a recipe that features pumpkin so before October slips away from me, here it is! I love baking with pumpkin but wanted to try something new so I experimented with using it a savory way.  The results were great; this is a recipe that will make your kitchen smell wonderful and will taste as good as it smells. The vinegar … Continue reading Pumpkin Pork Tenderloin {in your Crockpot}

Crock Pot Carnitas

This weekend I used my slow cooker again to make a delicious batch of carnitas.  Carnitas are usually made by simmering pork in some type of fat but this recipe takes a healthier route by allowing the meat to cook in its natural juices and tomatoes.  You’ll love how tender the meat becomes from cooking for hours in your crockpot and it is the perfect filing … Continue reading Crock Pot Carnitas

Chicken, Chorizo and Sweet Potato Chili {in your Crockpot}

Happy first day of autumn!  I decided to welcome the change of seasons the best way I know how, by boxing up my summer clothes, (so long maternity bathing suits!) giving my boots a little love with some leather conditioner and making a big batch of chili in the crockpot.  I haven’t cooked many new recipes at all since we brought William home from the hospital.  Right now I’m struggling … Continue reading Chicken, Chorizo and Sweet Potato Chili {in your Crockpot}

17 Recipes for Football Season

The fall and football season are right around the corner and I don’t know about you but I’m excited to watch my Blue Devils (I bet you can’t get season football tickets for only $80 at your alma mater!) and  Bengals.  In honor of the Bengals’ 17 game season (one bye week,) here are 17 of  my favorite, crowd-pleasing recipes that are perfect for sharing on … Continue reading 17 Recipes for Football Season