Hi, I’m Sally and I love to cook.

Sally Cooks  is a record of my endeavors in the kitchen that I’m happy to share with you.   I’ve loved cooking, eating and learning about food for as long as I can remember. I first learned to cook and to love cooking from my Mom. She taught me that cooking matters a great deal and there is immense satisfaction in preparing a beautiful meal to share with your loved ones.  Food is love and wherever life has taken me I’ve cooked for those I love.

During college I worked as the cook on a ranch in Wyoming. Throughout grad school I volunteered at a fantastic cooking school in Chapel Hill and I’ve worked on and off for various caterers. These days I’m mostly cooking for my husband so most of my recipes are scaled for two.  We joke that Sally Cooks should be named Joe Eats; he is my favorite person to cook for.

We got married Fall 2013! In December of 2013 we added a chocolate lab named Red to our family and adopted a sister for her, Bengal in February.  We’re obsessed with them. At the end of August in 2014 we welcomed baby William into our family.

Bengel & Red

I love the ritual of cooking, the process of searching for recipe inspiration from family recipes, cookbooks, food blogs, magazines and Pinterest, gathering my ingredients and using my hands to create something delicious and sustaining.  Normally I’ll sit down on Sunday and figure out what I want to make that week and what that will require from the grocery store.

I’m pretty democratic in my love of food.  I love meat and fish as much as I love fruits and vegetables.  I use my crockpot at least once a week and my KitchenAid almost as much.  I love dessert and when the mood strikes there is no place I’d rather be than be in the kitchen baking.  On most days, my last meal closes with something sweet. I love coffee in the morning, wine at night and chocolate all the time.

Feel free to email me with any questions at sallymacncheese@gmail.com or tweet me @ sally_cooks. Thanks for reading, happy cooking and bon appetit!