Meal Plan for the Last Week of Jan

What I made last week:  Monday:  Grilled Chicken with Greek Orzo Salad Tuesday: Spicy Roasted Shrimp with Braising Greens and Ajo Blanco Sauce Wednesday: Hawaiian Chicken bowls with Brown Rice and Nori Thursday: Moroccan Salmon with Cauliflower “Couscous” Friday: Blackened Chicken with Marble Potatoes & Broccolini Saturday: Indian Spiced Chicken with Spinach and Cucumber Salad  Sunday: Buffalo Meatballs  (delicious and prepped in 10 minutes – would be … Continue reading Meal Plan for the Last Week of Jan

What’s Cooking This Week

Last week my meal plans were hijacked when we were covered with almost a foot of snow so my Gobble delivery (with meals for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) didn’t arrive.   Luckily I’d done the NC pre-snow grocery store panic-run so I had some really good locally made pasta in the freezer, plenty of eggs and some frozen chicken and pork chops so we didn’t … Continue reading What’s Cooking This Week

My Top Ten Recipes from the Last Five Years

I’ve been blogging on and off for the last five years, (mostly off since my children were born!) but I spent some time this weekend looking back on what have been my most popular recipes.  Here’s the top ten in order of clicks garnered with slow cooker recipes taking four spots: Far and away, Cashew Chicken in your Crockpot is the #1, all time favorite … Continue reading My Top Ten Recipes from the Last Five Years

Home Cooking This Week

Two things lately: Bringing back the slow cooker so I can fix it and forget it for a more relaxed dinnertime. Making a big batch of soup at the beginning of the week to have for lunch What we ate last week: Monday: Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore (very easy, chicken was super tender, omitted mushrooms and used fresh thyme) Tuesday: Maple Salmon with Bok Choy … Continue reading Home Cooking This Week