Simple Ways to Make Back to School Safer with Beautycounter

It’s so cliche to say it but it seems like this summer has flown by in a blur of diapers, restless newborn nights and very, very hot days. As the summer winds down and you get ready to take on the fall, I want to share some simple ways you can make your beauty routine and your kid’s bath time safer with Beautycounter.  If you have little ones at home I can’t say enough good things about the kid’s and baby collections from Beautycounter.  When William was a baby I used an expensive French baby wash that I assumed was safe because it had all the right buzzwords on the label and was, well French! When my friend, Margaret, introduced me to Beautycounter and the never list (an extensive list of what Beautycounter will never include and why,) I did some label checking and was dismayed to see that the fancy French wash was loaded with stuff I’d never want to put on my precious baby.  I couldn’t make the switch to Beautycounter’s kid collection fast enough and I haven’t looked back!new-kids-shower-set-600_2

In the last year, and just in time for Charlotte’s arrival into the world, Beautycounter introduced a new baby line which includes a baby wash, baby oil and baby balm.  They’re unscented, gentle as can be and I’ve loved using them on her (and me!) I use the oil as a makeup remover and for extra moisture in my body lotion after an afternoon at the pool.  The balm has been great on diaper rash and any skin irritations (I’ve passed on the gift of sensitive skin to my children.)IMG_9336

Of course the best thing about Beautycounter  – baby, kids and adult skincare – is the safety of the products.  The second best thing is how masterfully everything performs and multitasks, perfect for transitioning seamlessly from one season to the next. Coming out of an oppressive summer when you may have gotten some sun exposure that dehydrated and dulled your complexion, it’s now the ideal time to focus on moisturizing, brightening and firming in preparation for the colder months ahead.

Here are three of my perfect fall essentials to help with this transition:

  1. Rejuvenating Radiance Serum This powerful serum is an anti-aging cream and redness treatment in one. Algae Marine Extracts moisturize, Ginger Root Extract fights irritation, and Mixed Fruit Acid Complex brightens dull skin.
  2. Nourishing Rosewater Mist A versatile, hydrating toner, this mist can also help set makeup and freshen up bedding with a subtle scent. Organic Rose Essence and purified water nourish skin and create a dewy glow.
  3. Cleansing BalmThis anti-aging best seller serves as a cleanser, moisturizer, overnight mask, and even a highlighter over makeup. Raspberry Seed Oil and Cranberry Seed Oil hydrate and revitalize, while Vitamin C brightens skin tone.

You can shop everything here and as always, let me know if you’d like to try anything, have questions about the company or the products or would like to know more about why I’m part of Beautycounter and what we’re doing.13912635_1181220341934974_7183635197405289038_n

Be on the lookout for Beautycounter to grace Target shelves as the first beauty-brand partner! This September, only while supplies last, 22 of our most popular products, packaged in smaller sizes, will introduce 65 million Target shoppers to the best new brand in the personal care industry. There will be a voucher with your purchase that’s redeemable with a Beautycounter consultant for a free gift.  To find us at a Target near you, click here

Hope you have a great end of the summer and a wonderful fall ahead!

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  1. Sally, So glad to see the very nice Baby line and I love that the product will be introduced at Target in September. I hope that connects for your sales somehow with the bonus gift as Target will give the line so much more exposure and gals will then explore the product online. love, Aunt Kris >

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