“I like toxins in my body,” said no one, ever.

12572984_1117860624900584_151146953487824404_n“I like toxins in my body,” said no one, ever.

Since I became a Beautycounter consultant, almost six months ago, I’ve asked many, many friends to start questioning what they’re putting on their bodies or on their kids.   After all, it’s the only one you have and the only one you’ll ever have.

Turns out that many of you are open to trying something new and to questioning why the beauty industry has not been regulated since 1938 and the vast majority of the ingredients used in products in the US are banned in Europe (they ban 1400 ingredients… we ban 11.)unnamed

Thanks to all of you, your questions, and your drive to make healthier choices for your families, this has become a passion. I am passionate about the products, how effective they are, the peace of mind from using them and my desire to share them with you.


What are the products I can’t live without?

1. Tint Skin Foundation. Fair and even complexion with hyaluronic acid, a natural moisture magnet, promotes smoother-looking skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Clean Everyday Shampoo. Bye-bye itchy scalp and product build-up.   Ingredients derived from coconut oil and amino acids, since conventional surfactants can irritate skin.

3.  Routine Clean  Cream Cleanser.  Face wash, toner and makeup remover in that never makes your skin feel dry or tight.  No sodium laurel sulfate, which can cause irritation and trigger allergies and is often contaminated with 1,4-dioxane – a cancer-causing chemical.

4. Protect All Over Sunscreen SPF 30.  No greasy residue, no white marks, no chemical sun blockers like oxybenzone, which soaks through skin, triggers allergic skin reactions, and may be a hormone disruptor.23-Beautycounter-Body_Hair_Sunscreen_824x376_3

5. Style Sea Salt Spray.  Volumizing, lightweight, and long-lasting Sea Salt Spray gives your hair touchable texture without drying it out.  Here are two pictures from clients to show the results on short and long hair.  Volumizing hair sprays often contain hormone-disrupting phthalates in their synthetic fragrances, as well as polyethylene glycols (PEGs), conditioning agents that may be contaminated with measurable amounts of the carcinogens ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane. Not here!


6. Uplifting Day Cream.  Redness relief and smoother skin.  No DMDM hydantoin, a preservative that works by releasing formaldehyde, a carcinogen that prevents the growth of microorganisms (present in approximately 20% of cosmetics and personal care products in the US.) No retinol or retinyl palmitate, two of the most common ingredients in anti-aging products. When vitamin A is exposed to UV light, it can produce free radicals that damage DNA, cause gene mutations and may play a part in causing cancer.

7.  Lip Sheer in Petal or Twig. Smooth and long-lasting formula, ultra moisturizing.  The average woman consumes 7 pounds of lipstick in a decade so I want to avoid synthetic fragrances, flavors or other ingredients! 11903749_974578055937783_2573168647559485391_n

Thanks for reading and please reach out if you’d like to try some samples! Follow along on Facebook here,  purchase products directly from my site here (http://www.beautycounter.com/sallymccaffrey) If you’re interested in becoming a consultant yourself, e-mail me at sallymacncheese@gmail.com.

xo, Sally




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  1. Sally, glad you and William had fun at the lake last week and hopefully Joe got some studying in. I thought he was taking his exam last week but Carson said it was a study time. BUT you guys get to go to the beach this weekend…YAHOO!!! I do want to try some of your products. .but need some guidance. Definitely want to try the sunscreen..just had some precancerous spots taken off my nose and lip so definitely need the sunscreen. I’d also like to try whatever you would suggest as far as something to help my face and neck:abused skin, never taken care of skin, dried out skin,WRINKLED skin…you name it,I got it!! I’m willing to try whatever you think would be beneficial and NOT TOO TIMECONSUMING for a person who has never(obviously) spent much time on faces. I guess,better late than never. So..give me some advice.definitely count me in on sunscreen. I’m used to washing my face in the shower with whatever soap we are bathing with(Dial/Safeguard) and then putting on some Coconut oil laced with Geranium Oil for moisture.(I’m big into Essential oils). That’s my “beauty routine” on a good night. THANX for your help!!! Abie

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