Some Good Reads {Spring 2015}

  Before spring slips away, I wanted to post my seasonal installment of what I’ve been reading and enjoying. If nonfiction is your thing, Chasing the Scream and Citizen Coke were fascinating reads and Leaving Before the Rains Came, Live Right and Find Happiness, Sous Chef, and The Andy Cohen Diaries were interesting autobiographies.  On the fiction side, Big Little Lies would be a great beach book this summer and I’m excited to dig into The Girl on the Train next.

If you like my literary tastes and want more, you can check out my master list here. As always, send any recommendations/questions my way or tweet me @sally_cooks.

spring books 2015

  1. The Girl on the Train  is next up on my bedside table as my book club’s June pick.  It’s a psychological thriller always mentioned in the same sentence as the oh so successful Gone Girl.
  2. Citizen Coke: The Making of Coca-Cola Capitalism shares the history of the Coke empire from its humble beginnings to world dominance. At times it gets a little too in the weeds but a very interesting read nonetheless.
  3. Russell Brand said Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs was ” as intoxicatingly thrilling as crack, without destroying your teeth. It will change the drug debate forever.” I thought it was a smart, fast and fascinating read.
  4. Big Little Lies is a dark, riveting read about domesticity, parenting, marriage and all the secrets in between that will both disturb and captivate you.
  5. Leaving Before the Rains Come is Alexandra Fuller’s third memoir.  I read and enjoyed Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight a few years ago and this was even better despite what could have been a depressing subject, the dissolution of her marriage.
  6. I’m on a true crime kick (always!) so I’m reading all of Joe McGinniss’ bestsellers including Fatal Vision, Blind Faith, and Cruel Doubt.  Never Enough tells the true story of a 2002 murder of Goldman Sachs investment banker, Robert Kissel.  It’s low brow, scandalous and shocking.
  7. I can’t get enough of good books written by chefs and people who love to cook.   In Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line, chef Michael Gibney immerses the reader in the hidden world behind the kitchen doors, in a five star New York restaurant.
  8. Live Right and Find Happiness: Although Beer is Much Faster: Life Lessons and Other Ravings from Dave Barry is a very funny fast read.  I love his Baby Boomer take on modern life and his family.
  9. Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Leadis one of those books I need to read a few times a year.  I appreciate her down to earth vulnerability and her practical advice for day to day living.
  10. The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year is a must read if you watch Bravo.  You’ll wish irreverent, hilarious Cohen was your drinking buddy.
  11. I’d seen made for TV movie, The 19th Wife: A Novel without realizing it began as a book until someone in book club suggested it as a future read.  I’m 100 pages in and (as always) the book is much better than the movie and is an interesting look inside the beginnings of the Mormon church, polygamy and Mormon fundamentalism.

Happy reading!