My Essentials for the First Months With Your Baby

When I was pregnant, several friends who already had children sent me helpful lists of what I’d want to have in the hospital and what would be good to have when we brought baby home.  In the same spirit of passing on what has worked for us, here are my baby essentials, things we’ve used almost everyday for the last four months.  I hope it’s useful if you’re having a baby or if you’re looking for a gift for a new mom-to-be in your life.

Baby Essentials

Boppy Pillow – I use this every time I nurse William and also to make him snuggly for naps on the couch.

Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing, Cozy Kingdom – Sometimes this rocking swing is the only thing that can soothe him and put him to sleep.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wraps – We wrap William up every night in these swaddles so he doesn’t knock his pacifier out of his mouth with a flailing hand.  The velcro makes swaddling a piece of cake.   The Happiest Baby on the Block is the best book I’ve found that explains why swaddling works.

RazBaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifiers  – This brings me to another tenet in the The Happiest Baby on the Block and probably the most essential item on my list, the almighty pacifier!  I like this brand because they have protective wings that close automatically when the pacifier falls out of his mouth.  The wide wings also help him keep them in his mouth and the designs are really cute. I’m not sure if he’ll ever sleep without a pacifier…

Wubbanub – William has just started to be able to hold onto the stuffed animal connected to the chewable soothie pacifier.

Angel Dear Blankies – William holds these when he’s sleeping and seems to like rubbing them on his face. They’re easy to throw in the wash if you have a few on hand to rotate.

Medela Pump and Save Breast Milk Bags – These are great for storing frozen milk and are made to work with my pump. They’re easy to label with the milk’s date and their shape allows them to stand up.

On the Night You Were Born Board Book  – I think this is my favorite board book so far (and one that routinely makes me cry!)  Amazon has the board book selection (no surprise.)

The First Years Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling – This makes bath time so much easier and lets baby splash around even before they can hold their head up much.

The First Years Sounds For Silence Nursery Sound Machine – We turn this on for his naps and at night.  The heartbeat sound is supposed to make him feel secure, like he’s back in the womb.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest – We just got this for William and it has been a big hit so far, eliciting lots of smiles.  I think its going to get more and more fun for him when he’s able to jump and reach out to grab the “jungle” around him.

Danzo Diaper Retro Bag – I spent a long time looking for a diaper bag that doesn’t scream diaper bag.  This was my pick and I really like it.  I think I’ll keep using it long after William’s out of diapers.  I found mine at MyHabit for more than 50% off.