Paint Your Pet with HappyMess in Durham

Recently my husband and I attended one of those sippin’ and paintin’ classes that have become popular in the last couple of years.  The theme for this one was “Paint Your Pet” (yes, we’re obsessed with our labs) and the class was offered at HappyMess Studios in Durham.  Joe signed us up back in February as a birthday present to me and some six months later we finally found a time to attend!

 When you first arrive the instructor shows you to your place where she has roughly sketched out a  photograph of your choice.  IMG_1702Fortified by whatever beverages you bring,  (a milkshake for me and beers for Joe,) you learn a brief lesson about colors and shading.  IMG_1697And then you get to work!

Our instructor, Libby, circulated between us for the next couple of hours to make sure we were on track and to help us mix the colors.  Before we knew it, 3 hours flew by and we were signing and dating our masterpieces.





DSC_0097Thanks to Libby’s hand, this photograph became this painting:IMG_1718

And this oneDSC_0879became this work of art by Joe:

IMG_0663And finally with this sweet face as inspirationDSC_0101

I painted: IMG_1720Overall, it was a great time, our instructor could not have been nicer and we took home some artwork that won’t win any awards but makes me smile.


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