White Chicken Enchiladas {Meals For a New Mom}

One of my dear friends just had her second baby, a precious little boy.  I can’t describe how special it was to go visit them in the hospital and how anxious it made me to meet and hold our little guy soon!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about meals I could bring her after her baby arrived as well as recipes to make in August and freeze for when life gets a little more hectic this fall.  I did some googling to get ideas of what kinds of meals are most welcome to new parents (12 Super-Foods for New MomsWhat To Bring A New Mom (And Some Other Rules) and Feeding New Moms) to come up with this spread that I’m sharing in the hopes that you’ll send me some of your favorite “make and take” recipes.

The logistics: I packed everything in aluminum trays and plastic bags that I could leave with my friend so she wouldn’t have to worry about doing the dishes or returning anything.  I labelled the contents and noted how long things needed to be heated and at what temperature. I decided to freeze mostly everything ahead of time so they could enjoy the meals on their schedule.


What I made:








So, what’s your go-to make and take meal or what was the best thing someone ever brought you?


  1. I remember the food gifts after my babies were born were the best! Helped so much. Hope someone does the same for you Sally. Great post. Also I liked the portability (good for a tailgate too).

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