Thirty Recipes for Thanksgiving!

It was too cold outside yesterday to do anything but stay inside and that’s just what I did after I made an early grocery run so I could do some cooking.  I made breakfast sandwiches, diced avocados for guacamole, started the chili that would be dinner and decided that the frozen day called for a frozen peanut butter and chocolate pie.  Spying some Halloween leftovers, I decided to make it a Frozen Peanut Butter Chocolate Snickers Pie. It was delicious.

Yesterday’s pie is the thirtieth recipe I’ve made this month from the November issue of Food Network magazine.  I’m calling this my Thirty for Thanksgiving project and I’ve had fun experimenting with traditional dishes and trying new ones.  I  hope I’ve shared some recipes you want to make for your friends and family this Thanksgiving.PicMonkey Collage

My top five favorites from the month are: Kale CasseroleVidalia Onion Gratin {Baked Bloomin’ Onions}Sweet and Sour Brussels with BaconTriple Chocolate Mocha Pudding and Pumpkin Spiked Whipped Cream.

In a few days Joe and I are heading to North Carolina where my family has a potluck-of-sorts Thanksgiving where everyone brings a dish or two and a dog or two.  It’s always a great big crowd and a delicious meal.  In addition to helping out with the cooking this year, my sister and I are printing out cards for everyone to record what they’re thankful for.  We found a great template here if you’re interested.  I think we might also try some Thanksgiving trivia too.  Here is a quick one for you:

Do you know what year the first pumpkin pie recipe was recorded?

In 1796 a Pompkin Pudding recipe appeared in American Cookery by Amelia Simmons. The cookbook was the first one devoted to foods native to the Americas. 

Happy early Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and if you’re the one wearing a chefs apron, I wish you happy cooking and delicious dishes.  I’m thankful you’re here and thankful to have this space to share my recipes with you.

And now, separated into side dishes, desserts, salads and the all-encompassing “other,”  here are the thirty recipes I made this month that were inspired by the Food Network Magazine’s November edition: Thirty for Thanksgiving!

Side dishes:

Kale Casserole ,Green Beans with Cranberries and Blue Cheese Chipotle Cheddar Corn Casserole ,Lemon-Garlic Roasted Brussels SproutsCreamed SpinachBourbon Sweet Potato Mash Roasted Rosemary Cauliflower with Red Grapes Spicy Broccoli and Ancho Chiles Vidalia Onion Gratin {Baked Bloomin’ Onions}Brussels Sprouts Slaw Southwestern Rainbow Carrots Turnips and BroccoliSweet and Sour Brussels with BaconBrussels Sprouts Gratin Roasted Carrots with Spiced YogurtSausage-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Cauliflower Mash with Roasted Garlic 


Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with a Double-Chocolate CrustTriple Chocolate Mocha Pudding Triple Fruit{Strawberry, Cranberry and Pear}Crisp Coconut Pumpkin Pie with a Gingersnap Crust Chocolate Tart with a Bourbon GlazePumpkin Spiked Whipped CreamFrozen Peanut Butter Chocolate Snickers Pie


Apple, Cranberry and Blue Cheese Salad with a Cider VinaigrettePear Spinach Salad with Warm Spicy Vinaigrette


Turkey TendersCranberry KetchupCranberry-Orange Sauce Shrimp and Corn Chowder {in your Crockpot}


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