A Pop Up Hot Dog Diner in Picadilly

Joe was tied up in meetings so I was strolling through Picadilly by myself when I saw signs for Jamie Oliver’s Pop Up Diner. IMG_8192I became a fan of Oliver when I saw the reality show, Food Revolution.  The show followed Oliver on his travels to Huntington, West Virginia and then to Los Angeles to infiltrate the worst school cafeterias, spotlight the crap we are feeding kids and try to change America’s poor eating habits.  IMG_8190Apparently I was one of the only viewers, the show was cancelled after 2 episodes because of poor ratings, but I think Oliver had a sound message.

I was hungry and a Jamie Oliver approved hot dog seemed like the perfect solo lunch with a London flair.

At the pop up they make and smoke the hot dogs in house and serve each one dog with a side of 10-veggie shredded rainbow slaw. There are plenty of options, everything  from the Slumdog Millionaire with curry sauce and coconut yogurt to my pick, the Juan Dog with guacamole and chipotle salsa.


IMG_8184My  dog was good but the bun was a bit too big and too dry for my tastes.  I liked the slaw once I got used to the wooden fork with its odd texture and taste.  The pop up is designed to be as eco friendly as possible so you don’t see any plastic.  Don’t come here for your diet coke fix or planning to have a cold one with your dog;  they only serve sparkling waters.  

I couldn’t taste the chipotle salsa but I loaded up on the house made ketchup, mustard and hot sauce.  I may have a slight ketchup problem…My verdict: nothing beats a hot dog hot off my dad’s grill at the lake but this is a great spot for a quick lunch in the heart of Picadilly.

Top things off with a non-Jamie Oliver approved lavender cupcake at one of the many coffee and tea shops nearby and you have a lovely afternoon!