Arrivederci Italy


I’m sad to be leaving Italy today after a beautiful tour of the Amalfi Coast with my family. Hopefully another 10 years won’t pass before I’m back.  IMG_7934

Joe is in London for work, so already on this side of the world, I’m flying there to spend next week with him.  I’ve only connected in Heathrow en route to other cities so I’m excited to explore London.  I need a break from pizza and pasta too as you’ll see below…definitely not a low-carb start to the summer.  Hope y’all have good weekends – thanks, as always, for reading and for your comments.  I’m grateful this week for the wonders of Italy and parents who want to bring me along for their travels.  Thank you for an amazing, unforgettable week.

 What I’ve been eating:

One of our best day trips this week was to the Island of Capri.