Cowboy Take Me Away

From the home page of the Saloon’s website. I think this sums up the theme of the joint well!

On one of our first dates Joe regaled me with stories from his recent trip to Australia including a fun night in Sydney at a country-western bar decorated with American flags, cowboy paraphernalia and a wild west flair.

Kitschy wild wild west down under!  I had to experience this with my own eyes so one of our first stops was the  Shady Pines Saloon.

Joe’s stories did not disappoint.  If you’re visiting Sydney and are need of a drink and some  Americana, Shady Pines is just the place.

To find the saloon you must veer off a main road onto a rather sketchy looking side street.  No sign outside, just a nondescript door with a bartender…..but this doesn’t keep the crowds away.

Once the bouncer looks you over and decides you’re fit to enter, you go down a flight of stairs, seduced by the sweet sounds of Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and Hank Williams.  You belly up to the bar, order a drink from their extensive bourbon, beer or fresh-pressed juice cocktail selection.  The friendly barkeep are dressed as cowboy/lumberjack/Aussie surfer/hipsters.  Does that paint a picture?

I couldn’t stop laughing as we sipped our green drinks, a delicious concoction of fresh-pressed green apple juice and vodka, and surveyed the Native American/Western decor juxtaposed next to the Aussie hipster crowd. There was almost more taxidermy on display here than in the Australian Museum! So great –

Shady Pines is definitely a unique spot in Sydney, worth a visit and a green drink or two! contactpage-headerImage1

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