Spring Reset: Laura’s Ten Must-Dos

If you’ve been reading sally cooks,  you know that I love North Carolina, especially the Durham and Chapel Hill areas.  I went to grad school in Chapel Hill and this is where I met my soul sister, Laura when I worked with her at The Women’s Center.   I miss her dearly and I can’t wait to be back in the same city with her when Joe and I make our way South.  Tea With Lee 2009 001_2

Laura and I share a love of gardening, long walks, frozen-yogurt, non-profit work, bargain shopping, breakfast at Elmo’s diner, reading, reality TV and babies.  Laura is a beautiful person inside and out with an amazing eye for design and homestyle. She is a devoted wife and mother to the cutest little boy you’ve ever seen, and such a good friend.  Today I’m excited to share her Spring Must-dos for the Triangle area.

L: Inspired by Sally’s Spring Must (or Want!) Dos, I got crackin’ on my own list. Last spring I was gigantically with-child and missed quite a few things I would normally be diving into for Spring.

Ben, baby Leo and Laura

I’ll start with my must- visits… the Triangle is seriously rich in activities…here are my favorites!

  1. Duke Gardens. Although I am a gumshoe gardener, I am inspired each spring to bring more color and depth to my own (fledgling!) perennial bed.  A yellow bearded Iris from my garden: image
  2. Sister’s Garden on Gimghoul Road in Chapel Hill. Again, this sweet, enviable home garden lends inspiration!  All pictures from: http://sweetbay103.blogspot.com/2011/01/twin-sisters-garden.html
  3. Logan’s in Raleigh or Stone Brothers in Durham: my favorite garden shops!!
  4.  Raleigh Flea Market. Ok, truly I could hit this gem any time of the year. But nothing beats a beautiful day spent strolling around hunting for treasures. Hitting the homemade lemonade stand is a must!

  5. Durham Farmers Market
  6. Durham Bulls game! image image_1
  7. Walking. It is my favorite form of exercise, and my favorite loop- Duke’s Buehler Trail– has intimidated me since having a c-section last summer. No more!

  8. Deep Spring cleaning!!! This is always on my list, but we are moving into a new house in the next few months, and I LOVE moving. Seriously. A chance to purge (moving makes me way more cut-throat!) and organize a whole new space renews my soul.
  9.  Start eating like I feed….It recently occurred to me I provide the BEST for my son, nothing processed, organic when possible, etc. Why do I not do that for myself?!? An example meal for Leo: mashed sweet potatoes with a little organic yogurt, strawberry slices, steamed broccoli and carrot rice cakes for dessert. A Spring Reset seems like the perfect time to get the whole family eating better (see #5- Durham Farmer’s Market here we come!). image_1
  10. Relax and enjoy the season. Everyone says babies grow so fast…and now it is reality. Leo’s first birthday is just around the corner and I want to soak up every last second of this first year as it comes to a close.  

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