Sissy Boys and Cool Cats: Shopping in Amsterdam

Shopping abounds in Amsterdam but it is nothing like Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse.  You have your classic souvenirs like these wooden clogs, cute snow-globes and of course the tulips! IMG_5060 IMG_5050IMG_5071But the main streets are also full of clothing stores for  teens and tweens.   I love how American sayings and English words are used on clothing and in the retail names and displays.

These hoodies are great: Minnesota Reservation with a maple leaf, Arrowhead Ohio, or Oklahoma Cherokee anyone?

California anything must be a big seller and of course Jack Daniels.


You wouldn’t believe how many people were streaming into this place!

Naturally they have the obligatory aloof greeter out front.

IMG_5055If you’re looking for new clothes in Amsterdam you need to decide if you’re a Sissy Boy or a Cool Cat.  IMG_5074IMG_5020

Or maybe:

Everyone wants pretty hot legs.    IMG_5006

If you’re overwhelmed by all the shopping you can step into the Smart Product Center for some energy.  Let me know how the herbal-xtc goes down! (thanks for the catch Ricky!!)

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