Cam Visits!


This weekend my sister came to visit!  As soon as she arrived we ushered her to Lyon Hall for a boozy brunch.

cheers to cameron!

Joe’s Man-mosa is on the far left.  What makes it manly? Sobieski vodka, Cointreau, sparkling wine, orange juice, rocks.


My Orange Crush: Smirnoff Orange, St. Germain, lemon and soda, ordered because I think Orangeades are one of the best beverages in the world.


We couldn’t resist the donuts after we saw a group eating them while we waited for our table.   Cameron and Joe are dangerous enablers. Flavors: mocha, cheesecake, papaya and maple. I mean….they didn’t last long.  IMG_4666

I had to try the Bloody Mary too – it’s research in my continuing search for the best bloody.  It was good with a healthy dose of horseradish but was a bit on the small side.  Beer chaser is a nice touch.

up close on that beautiful garnish
basket of soft bread- the house-churned butter is delicious
Lyonnaise Potatoes and Eggs for J:
Caramelized onions, smoked pork butt, three eggs, mustard and beer jus. No complaints from him.
Cam’s French Ham Poached Eggs:
Ham, spinach, hollandaise, croissant. The eggs were a little too runny and slid off the stack, dinging them for presentations points. Cam managed to eat it nevertheless.
My Lyon Hall Frankfurter: Shortrib frankfurter, poppy seed roll, kraut and mustard, with salad. The dog was delicious but the salad, though pretty with veggie ribbons, was lacking. It needed a pumped-up dressing.
glamour shot of my dog

We also took Cam to the movies to see OZ in 3-D.  Aren’t we the coolest? I’ll let my film school sister answer any questions you have about the movie.  I’m just pumped we have a reclining seats-movie theatre within walking distance.


We strolled around Arlington, soaking up the sunshine (honestly, Cam and I got burned) and marvelling at the St. Patty’s Day outfits on display.  When did St. Patty’s day become an occasion for women to dress like leprechaun-prostitutes? Seriously.

Over the course of the weekend we continued to explore VA, threw a pizza-dinner party, watched the Devils crush the Tarheels and played some Scrabble (the Devils did not win this game.) The weekend flew by – thanks for visiting Cam, I promise we will do more “cultural” things your next trip!


IMG_4581IMG_4638IMG_4606 IMG_4612IMG_4610 IMG_4686 IMG_4611 IMG_4608 IMG_4605



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