Monthly Archive: March, 2013

A Birthday Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a classic Easter dessert and also happens to be my fiance’s favorite cake.  The fact that his birthday falls on Easter weekend this year made for the perfect carrot cake… Continue reading

Cookie Dough Fudge

The man in my life loves cookie dough.   While I reach for Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food, he is all about the Cookie Dough or Half-Baked. I don’t stress too much about… Continue reading

Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk

Whether you forgot to pick up a can at the grocery or you’re looking to cut down on the processed food you buy, it is simple to make your own sweetened condensed milk.… Continue reading

Spicy Peach Tilapia

I’m on a never-ending pursuit to find new ways to enjoy fish and tilapia is one of my favorites. I’m not alone,  tilapia is the popular farmed fish in the United States. Try to… Continue reading

Easy Homemade Hummus

I love hummus but I’d never made my own because I thought I needed a food processor.  Not so -my Ninja Blender did a fabulous job.  There are many great ways to eat hummus… Continue reading

Amsterdam Rock City

Having learned about Amsterdam’s major beer and liquor exports (or as my mother tells it: how I drank my way across Europe,) I decided to spend a few hours in a 19th century… Continue reading

Cocktails at 11am

Another day with Joe hard at work so I set out solo to visit the Rijksmuseum.    Not realizing that  the museum is under construction and closed to the public until the end of… Continue reading

Bikes and Boats

It seems you aren’t Dutch if you don’t ride a bike.  There are approximately 350,000 bikers on the road every day in Amsterdam and 73% of the population owns a bike.  Bikers are everywhere… Continue reading

Adventures Abroad

I’ve been exploring Zurich and Amsterdam this week, beautiful cities even at this cold, grey time of year. There is no denying that Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in the… Continue reading

The Church of Heineken

What better excuse for day drinking when it is snowing and cold outside than visiting a museum dedicated to the Amsterdam’s most famous beer? In the 80’s Heineken  transformed their old brewery into… Continue reading