A Birthday Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a classic Easter dessert and also happens to be my fiance’s favorite cake.  The fact that his birthday falls on Easter weekend this year made for the perfect carrot cake storm. My secret ingredient is mandarin oranges, straight out of the can.  My sisters and I loved these little orange fruits when we were growing up and I’m still a fan.   Combined with … Continue reading A Birthday Carrot Cake

Spicy Peach Tilapia

I’m on a never-ending pursuit to find new ways to enjoy fish and tilapia is one of my favorites. I’m not alone,  tilapia is the popular farmed fish in the United States. Try to find tilapia that wasn’t farm raised if you can though – see my previous post here explaining why.  I also love peaches and despite the dreadful weather, I’m feeling spring-ey.  So here … Continue reading Spicy Peach Tilapia

The Church of Heineken

What better excuse for day drinking when it is snowing and cold outside than visiting a museum dedicated to the Amsterdam’s most famous beer? In the 80’s Heineken  transformed their old brewery into an interactive museum that has become a tourist destination.  While some parts of the tour are pretty cheesy – think World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta if you’ve been – I’d recommend a … Continue reading The Church of Heineken

Sissy Boys and Cool Cats: Shopping in Amsterdam

Shopping abounds in Amsterdam but it is nothing like Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse.  You have your classic souvenirs like these wooden clogs, cute snow-globes and of course the tulips!  But the main streets are also full of clothing stores for  teens and tweens.   I love how American sayings and English words are used on clothing and in the retail names and displays. These hoodies are great: Minnesota … Continue reading Sissy Boys and Cool Cats: Shopping in Amsterdam