Fitzy Blends: Drink Your Vegetables

I am so happy to introduce a new guest blogger, one of my dear friends, Fitzy.  Fitzy’s real name is Ashley but she will always be Fitz or Fitzy to me.  Fitz and I met our freshman year of college but it wasn’t until we lived together in Florence, Italy our sophomore year (with eight other Duke girls) that we became fast and forever friends.
fitz and me in san francisco 

Yes, you read that right, I lived with nine other women for four months and we had a blast.  It is amazing that ten women could get along so well in one apartment, in a foreign country but to this day I have so much respect and love for each of my roommates and I think this feeling is mutual throughout the group.  

Fitzy has a huge heart and is instrumental in keeping our group together.  She is the kind of friend you dream about having:  warm, generous, intuitive, strong and loyal.  She is smart, an accomplished professional and one of the most positive people I’ve ever met.  
Fitz married a wonderful (lucky!) man who loves her fiercely and they are an inspiration to everyone who knows them.  I swear there is something special about people from Colorado and their joie de vivre – maybe it is something to do with the mountains?!  I love spending time with Fitz, just wish I got to see her, her darling family and her sweet husband more often.

Fitz hosted our last reunion this Fall in Denver and served us a vibrant green concoction (in addition to her amazing homemade granola) for breakfast.   It was not only delicious but also makes you feel healthy – what a great way to start your day.  When I asked Fitzy to share her Green Drink recipe with sally cooks, she happily obliged. Thanks Fitz, xo!

F: I’m thrilled to be a part of Sally cooks and thank you for having me!  While I do enjoy cooking, I also enjoy quick and easy snacks/ meals you can make with ingredients you have on hand.  Enter The Green Drink.

I start every day with a green drink  and it gives me such a morning boost!  I can honestly say this snack is both delicious and nutritious and  you can really mix up the ingredients to keep it interesting and work through any produce you have on hand.  Here is a rough guide to ingredients, but I honestly go rogue most mornings and throw something new in there.
Green Drink
  • coconut water (or regular water)
  • LOTS of spinach
  • strawberries
  • 1/2 banana 
  • ice
I basically throw it all in there and just blend it up.  You can see the desired consistency in the photos, but the ratios take a bit of trial and error to accommodate your palette.  Everyone I know likes them slightly different (more/ less liquidy; more/ less sweet; more/ less cold) so I encourage you to tailor the green drink to your desires.  


I’ve recently been sporadically adding new ingredients: kale (which cuts the grassy spinach taste a bit,) cucumber (which gives it a very refreshing moment) and celery (which is apparently great for your skin.)  Since I’ve tried almost every combination known to man, here are some additional hints that might help you reach Green Drink Nirvana sooner:

1) I used to always use coconut water, but it’s crazy expensive and my husband would just drink it plain like it was going out of style.  As a result I could never keep it around and I wasn’t a fan of spending tons of $$ at the grocery on coconut water.  I now just use regular water, but try to add in 2 fruits to keep it sweet enough.
2) I usually only use 2 green vegetables.  Spinach is always the main ingredient, but I usually add only one additional green veggie and to a much smaller degree.  Otherwise things get weird.
3) I also try to only use two fruits.   Strawberries are affordable and give great flavor and a half of banana goes a really long way in terms of texture.  Oranges give it a bit of an Orange Julius edge (work with me) so that’s a fun twist, too.
4) Ice.  Ice is perhaps the biggest debate.  I’m not really a fan.  Mostly because I make my green drink to go at 6:30 every morning and I can assure you one doesn’t feel the need for a chilly beverage at 6:30am in February in Colorado.  I would recommend ice for the first timers as it does give it a more smoothie-like quality.
So that’s it!  The amount of ingredients in the photo made enough green drink to fill the cup that you see as well as a really sexy to-go cup that I didn’t photograph in an attempt to preserve the beautiful aesthetics of Sally Cooks.   So if you’re making a single serving you’ll want to just eyeball it and use about half of what you see in the photos.   
I’m truly addicted (as is my husband and pretty much everyone who’s ever had one.)  Since I’m not the hero that Sal Pal is and I don’t cook three course meals for dinner, this often acts as a salad/ vegetable with dinner when I’m running short on time or don’t feel like chopping/ cooking my nutrients.


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