Cowboy Cooking {Giveaway} {Giveaway Closed}

In 2003 I worked as the cook on my Aunt Abie’s ranch in Pinedale, Wyoming.  Planning and cooking 3 meals a day for about 30 people (without a dishwasher!) taught me so much about cooking and kitchen management.

My favorite time of day on the ranch was 6am when I would share the kitchen with Abie and my cousin Sally.   We would watch the sunrise over the mountains while frying up more bacon and eggs that you would believe.  It was the calm before the storm when the hungry masses would arrive.  After I served breakfast and I’d had many cups of coffee, I would throw on some music or an audio book and get to work on cleanup and lunch prep.  It was a fabulous routine!

The food wasn’t glamorous; I made a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches and Oreo Mint Cloud dessert, but     everything tasted better in that altitude and when you’d worked up an appetite working hard.
I am excited to announce my second give-away on sally cooks: a copy of Cowboy Cooking, Recipes from the Trail by Abie Beck, Edited by Jane Dowd with Recipe Coordinators: Kate Lennington, Kim Harrison, Anne Neikirk and Kathy McLain.
my aunt abie
This is a collection of recipes used at Two Bar Spear Ranch as well as up in the mountains on pack trips.  In Abie’s words, “they are basic and simple and good.”
To enter, simply comment on this post or like or share on Facebook:  You can enter once and I’ll reveal the winner, who will receive one of the last copies of the cookbook next Tuesday! Thanks for reading, sharing and entering!

Stay tuned this week for one of my favorite recipes from Two Bar Spear: Monster cookies!


  1. My son worked for Abie and Grant the summer of 1998 and talked constantly about Abie’s good cookin’. I just heard about her cookbook while in WY this summer and haven’t been able to find a copy to order online or in a bookstore. Can you please tell me where I can purchase a copy?

    • Hi Betty and thanks for reading! That is terrific – I was there around that time, probably met your son! I think they are out of print but I will check with Abie and get back to you as soon as I can! Have a great weekend, Sally

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