Valentine Series: Happy Valentine’s Day from Mr. Bojangles

Natalie graced sally cooks earlier in the week with her festive Valentine’s cupcake recipe.  Today Natalie shares how she and her cute dog and cuter husband spend Valentine’s Day.  Like Natalie and Seamus, Joe and I got takeout last night – Ledo’s Pizza – and it was awesome!

i mean, how cute are these two?! 
N: Twice in one week, this is way more fun then studying Con Law, Torts, Criminal Law, etc.  I hope everyone is fully recovered from their food comas and sugar highs.  Valentine’s is a pretty low-key holiday at our house.  Up until this past May, when we got married, our anniversary was the end of November, then we have Christmas, and we both have January birthdays so by the time February 14 comes around, a low key night is welcomed.  

For the past five years we have had the same tradition for Valentine’s Day: Thai take-out and a small gift.  Since we don’t go all out for this holiday I try to get a little creative and make it memorable, usually by getting a funny card that would remind him of an inside joke or finding really pretty wrapping paper for his gift.  I searched all over for wrapping paper this year, I didn’t have time to go to Paper Source so I made this wrapping paper from a left over Trader Joe’s bag. (I found the idea here:

The monkey card is a joke between us from our last vacation.  We were lucky enough to spend the holidays in Bali with his family and while there, we went to Monkey Forest in Ubud.  They were selling bundles of little bananas at the entrance- I had no idea why until I looked over and saw monkeys…everywhere!  They were just walking around freely and we quickly learned that monkeys are incredibly territorial and aggressive.  

This is a horrible picture of me but it makes me laugh; the monkeys would literally grab your clothes and crawl up you to get the bananas.  We took this picture right before that monkey bit Seamus on his waistband (luckily no skin was pierced!) because he tried to give another monkey a banana.  After that, a monkey stole his mom’s flip flop and then tried to steal my shoe.  Needless to say after all of that I prefer to see monkeys in a zoo…confined. 

In case you were wondering, Seamus asked for and received a coffee grinder and I got a cookbook about dim sum.  He gave me a bamboo steamer for Christmas so it was a perfect follow-up gift!
Happy Valentine’s Day from Bojangles!