Valentine Series: My Valentine Birthday

Erin is one of my best friends from high school and we go way back to the 80’s when we were born 10 days apart.  We are lucky to have a solid group of friends from high school who have stayed close, usually spending New Year’s Eve together and reuniting recently at fun weddings.
Erin is hilarious, a truly kind soul, notoriously late and always stylish.  She is a dedicated yogi and recently got her Masters in Nutrition – congrats Erin!!  Erin is gracing sally cooks today with her unique take on a February the 14th birthday.   Check out her blog, Shower Yourself and her work at Capitol Blog.  

E: Valentine’s Day – I’m pretty neutral to the holiday…take it or leave it.  Well, I’ll definitely take the candy.  But I must admit, I have a serious advantage because I was born on Valentine’s Day.  I always feel like a little girl on this day, and I hope that never changes.  I think this story explains why…

On my seventh birthday, I was at school and remember coming back from recess to find a vase of beautiful red roses on my desk with an envelope.  I opened the envelope and inside was a note from my dad wishing me a happy birthday.  I remember how cool I felt and how surprised I was that my dad had mysteriously left me these flowers a few hours after he had dropped me off at school (we were jamming out to Billy Ocean I’m sure).

When I got home, I remember my mom asking me how many roses there were.  I counted and there were seven.  My dad continued to surprise me with roses every birthday until I graduated from high school…sometimes pink, sometimes red, but always the right number.  For each year that I was old, he brought me that many roses.

I never realized just how special this tradition was at the time, but as I’ve become older, I think about this on every birthday and realize what a lucky girl I am.  I can still see him walking down the hallway in his suit, tie and long tan coat carrying flowers with a huge smile on his face.  And although my school days are over, I still get those flowers…always the right number.  Eventually he’ll need to find a much larger vase… 🙂

erin and me
bridesmaids in aspen this summer