Breakfast to-go

I love a hot breakfast in the morning, whether it is oatmeal, something carb-alicious, or an eggy creation.  I’m not above running into McDonalds for a biscuit sandwich from time to time but here is a my quick way to make your own McMuffin to-go for those mornings you have to get into the office but don’t want to scrimp on the most important meal of the day.

  • in a large skillet on medium, add an english muffin, 2 eggs,  sliced ham, and whatever veggies you like (i threw in some red pepper slices)
  • sprinkle eggs and ham with cheese and salt/pepper
  • cook until eggs reach their desired hardness and transfer muffins to aluminum foil to assemble
  • add hot sauce and put together your sandwich
  • fight off jealous co-workers
a lil hot sauce never hurts
assemble on aluminum foil and fold
i love the throw-back paper bag to-go

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