Monthly Archive: February, 2013

Better-than-Takeout Chicken Fried Rice

When someone says Italian food,  you think pizza, pasta, risotto, olive oil, pesto, mozzarella etc.,  right? When I lived in Italy, I consumed all of the above, day after day.   It was… Continue reading

Fitzy Blends: Drink Your Vegetables

I am so happy to introduce a new guest blogger, one of my dear friends, Fitzy.  Fitzy’s real name is Ashley but she will always be Fitz or Fitzy to me.  Fitz and… Continue reading

Boozy Honey-Jalapeño Chicken

I’ve been on a cooking with alcohol kick lately (Whiskey Steak, Tipsy Turkey Chili)  and this dish joins the ranks.  Simmering the chicken in a beer, honey and jalapeno concoction made it tender and… Continue reading

Cowboy Cooking {Giveaway} {Giveaway Closed}

In 2003 I worked as the cook on my Aunt Abie’s ranch in Pinedale, Wyoming.  Planning and cooking 3 meals a day for about 30 people (without a dishwasher!) taught me so much… Continue reading

Coco-Loco Chicken Strips with Sweet and Spicy Sauce

I’m from the South where frying food is completely acceptable, even encouraged.  Don’t be daunted by the idea of frying; it is just like sauteing with a little more oil! This recipe will… Continue reading

Tipsy Turkey Chili

Beer makes everything better so I dipped into Joe’s beer stash to create this flavorful turkey chili.  He didn’t complain and it also made for perfect weekend leftovers.   To buy: 1 can… Continue reading

Valentine Series: Happy Valentine’s Day from Mr. Bojangles

Natalie graced sally cooks earlier in the week with her festive Valentine’s cupcake recipe.  Today Natalie shares how she and her cute dog and cuter husband spend Valentine’s Day.  Like Natalie and Seamus, Joe… Continue reading

Valentine Series: 40 Little Valentines

If you’ve been reading sally cooks,  you know that I love North Carolina, specifically the Durham and Chapel Hill areas.  Five years ago, I was living in Chapel Hill, a typical first-year law… Continue reading

Bananas Foster

Think Bananas Foster is something you can only get in a fancy restaurant, served table-side? Think again. Bananas Foster is simply bananas cooked for a few minutes in a buttery rum sauce, making… Continue reading

Greek Yogurt Chicken

I think Greek yogurt is awesome and this was better than I expected!  Marinating the chicken overnight (or 24 hours in this case) in yogurt and spices made it very tender and flavorful.  The… Continue reading