Wonderful Cheese Straws {Giveaway} {Giveaway Closed}

My dear cousin Lillian Carson makes the most delicious cheese straws.  Lillian is as charmingly southern as they come and is a true Mississippi lady.  I am lucky to be related to her through my maternal grandmother, Sally Carson.  Have I lost all my readers who grew up north of the Mason-Dixon? -bless your hearts-
A cheese straw is a long, thin cheese-flavoured pastry served as an appetizer at a party, as an afternoon snack or in my mother’s house, whenever there is company you care about!  They are flaky and buttery – like a savory shortbread. My mom loves cheese straws and I remember her always trying out new recipes only to discover that making them is hard, tedious work and they never taste quite as good as Lillian’s. Lillian uses her Mama’s recipe, which Great Aunt Lil (to me) made for many years.  The recipe has been passed down through the generations (we are seriously about passing down names and recipes.)  Wonderful Cheese Straws is the name of Lillian’s mother’s recipe in the Delta Dining Cookbook, a veritable tome of southern cooking.
So….it is my great pleasure to announce that the first contest on sally cooks is for a box Lillian’s Wonderful Cheese Straws.  Lucky you!
To enter, simply:
I’ll announce the winner, who will receive a box of Wonderful Cheese Straws shipped directly to their home from Lilian’s Mississippi kitchen, next Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013 here on sally cooks and on the sally cooks facebook page.
If you can’t wait to see if you’re the lucky winner, you can order your own Wonderful Cheese Straws using the below contact info for Lillian.   Cheers y’all!


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